Teaching - In-Class Graduate and Undergraduate Courses:











  • Fluids and diseases (1.063-1.631/HST.537/2.250 at MIT)
  • Nonlinear dynamics and turbulence (1.068-1.686/18.358/2.033 at MIT)
  • Multivariable calculus (18.02 at MIT)
  • Differential equations (18.03 at MIT) 
  • Nonlinear dynamics II: continuum systems (1.062/18.354/12.207 at MIT)
  • Linear Algebra (equivalent of 18.06 at MIT)
  • Undergraduate seminars in physical applied mathematics (guest lecturer,  18.384 at MIT)
  • Nonlinear dynamics I (guest lecturer, 18.353/2.050/12.006 at MIT)

Teaching Worldwide - Online Courses: 

MIT Open CourseWare Scholar VIDEO Lectures

MIT edX Introduction to Differential Equations MITx

Short Programs - Professional Education:

  • High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques, MIT Professional Education Short Program: Faculty Lecturer on High-speed Imaging in Physics and Health Sciences.
  • Agriculture, Innovation, and the Environment, MIT Professional Education Short Program: Faculty Instructor on Disease Transmission, Sprays, and Surface Sciences relevant for food safety and agriculture, with combined lectures and Laboratory demonstrations.

K-12 Education in STEMS - Lecture and Hands-on-Activities Materials Derived from Bourouiba Group's Research:

Mathematics: Introduction to histograms and distributions using the Bourouiba Group's respiratory disease transmission research.

Physics and mathematics: Disease spread between plants using the Bourouiba Group's foliar disease transmission research.

With testimonies from K-12 students and teachers, including Ms Howard's class:

Broader Mentoring Inside and Outside of the Classroom:

  • Faculty mentor at the MIT Impact Program: A program of career development for post-doctoral and advanced pre-doctoral trainees at MIT and the broader Boston area. More on the program here.
  • Faculty recipient of the 2019 Ole Madsen Mentoring Award in recognition of conspicuous contributions to inspiring, mentoring, and educating students.