Principal Investigator

Prof. Lydia Bourouiba

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Affiliate Faculty of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Faculty
Affiliate Faculty of Harvard Medical School

77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Physical applied mathematician focusing on problems at the interface of fluid dynamics and disease transmission with the aim of elucidating the fundamental physical mechanisms shaping the epidemiology and disease transmission dynamics in human, animal and plant populations. With a doctoral research focused on the theoretical and numerical study of rotating homogeneous turbulence and a subsequent postdoctoral research focused on the mathematical modeling of infectious diseases and epidemiology, the focus of the Bourouiba Group is to elucidate the poorly understood mechanisms of disease transmission through the lens of fluid dynamics.

Prof. Bourouiba founded The Fluid Dynamics of Disease Transmission Laboratory at MIT in 2014, when she was appointed as Assistant Professor. Prof. Bourouiba was promoted to Associated Professor Without Tenure in 2019, and to Associate Professor With Tenure in 2020.

In 2019, Prof. Bourouiba founded and chaired the inaugural Fluids and Health Conference: Fluid dynamics of disease transmission to foster the growth of this exciting frontier area of research beyond the Bourouiba Group and define the exciting key challenges at the interface of fluid dynamics and epidemiology/public health. In 2020, she then founded and will Chair the new Gordon Research Conference focused on Fluids and Health: Fluids in Disease Transmission and Contamination to be held in August 2022  to continue growing this critical frontier domain of research. Stay tuned and subscribe to the mailing list of the Fluids and Health Conference here or here for updates on this upcoming exciting new Gordon Research Conference on this frontier topic.

For more on the laboratory's focus and discussions of implications for current COVID19 or other pandemics and critical public health questions, visit: TEDMED19, or IMES Feature 2015, Nature Feature 2016  or more recent COVID19 context discussion on routes of infectious disease transmission and urgent need to redefine the associated framework and to extend and root such epidemiological concepts in physical and biomedical mechanistic understanding.

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More on highlight of path, research methodology and philosophy, scope and goals here.

Visit our LAB YouTube Channel (2020) for related materials.


Dr. Xiaoyi Hu
Mechanical Engineering & Thermal Science and Energy Engineering
Dr. Eric Shen
Applied Mathematics & Mechanical Engineering
Lauren Cooper
Physics, Materials Science and Engineering
Claire Lu
Affiliate - Mathematics & Physics
Yuan Lee
Physics, Computing, and Mathematics
Sabrina Liu
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Anjini Chandra
Mechanical Engineering & Information and Data Sciences (Caltech)
James Lynch
Physics & Electrical Engineering (IMES & EECS)
Raj Dandekar
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Former lab members or students supervised

Eline Dehandschoewercker
Intern senior thesis - École Normale Supérieure Paris, now Physics Lecturer
Nicholas Kwok
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology - Doctorate (HST MD) |Graduate of 2021 - Degree with Honors, cum laude, now medicine intern, LA Cedars-Sinai
Sungkwon Lee
MSc. Graduate of 2019
John Montgomery
MSc. Graduate of 2020 - Lincoln Laboratory MSc. Fellow & Graduate of the Sapper Leader Program.
Marylore Adler
Intern Master - École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles (ESPCI, 2019), now Research & Development Engineer, Microfluidics
Samantha Hartzell
UROP-Applied Mathematics and Capstone & Senior Thesis, Graduate of 2015, now Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Jia Su
MSc. Graduate of 2018
Max Louyot
Intern Master - Polytechnique de Montreal, 2017
Sasha Teslya
Senior Thesis Student - Applied Mathematics, 2009 |now UMC Utrecht, Assistant Professor
Xinyu Si
Visiting Graduate Student - Stanford University
Baptiste Lafoux
Visiting Student - Ponts et Chaussées ParisTech /ESPCI
Sophie Lejeune
Doctorate, Graduate of 2018


Co-supervised with Prof. Tristan Gilet

Boris Naar
Intern Master Graduate Student - Delft University of Technology, 2015 now Management McKinsey & Company
Yongji Wang
Doctorate, Graduate of 2021
William Durieux
Visiting Graduate Student - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) ParisTech
Souha Elmousadik
SUPAERO/MIT - Master Graduate of 2019
Nicole Bustos
MSc. Graduate 2021
Maxime Inizan
MSc. Graduate of 2018
Dr. Timothée Jamin
Postdoctoral Associate
Dr. Youngsoo Joung
Postdoctoral Associate
Julia Klinkert
Visiting Student - Delft University of Technology
Stephane Poulain
MSc. Graduate of 2019