Plant Health (Foliar Diseases in Agriculture): Feature and Media Coverage of our publications

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Feature of our publications on Plant Health  (Foliar Diseases and Agricultural Applications):

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Inside Science (2019): Making A Splash: showing how far one drop of water really goes.

Wang, Y., Dandekar, R., Bustos, N., Poulain, S., and Bourouiba, L. (2018) Universal rim thickness in unsteady sheet fragmentation. Physical Review Letters.120, 204503. PDF  featured in MIT NEWS

Article featured on the cover of the Reflets de la physique volume 54 (July-August 2017). Full article here. (Journal of the French Physical Society)

ICB (2014) and JRSI (2015)  MIT NEWS and MIT Spotlight; Nautilus science magazine; Science Magazine, Scientific American and a number of other outlets reported and tracked by Altmetric, including the World Economic Forum, etc.

Video features: Splash down

Science Friday and HHMI production: Connecting the Drops

More on the full research axis, from discovery of new transmission routes to fundamentals of unsteady fragmentation, here.