Founder and Chair of the Fluids and Health Conference:

The Fluids and Health 2019 meeting provides the selected participants an international forum to exchange on frontier research at the intersection of fluid dynamics and health, including topics in infectious diseases, food safety, drug delivery, agricultural and food sciences and policy, where fluids are at the core. The event is a hybrid between a conference and school, with in-depth lectures for training on topics at the frontier of the field, combined with flash-talks and poster sessions from participants, and interdisciplinary group work taking place throughout the meeting. More on the inaugural 2019 Fluids and Health meeting, Chaired by Prof. Bourouiba, here.

Future conferences and related events will be announced via mailing list and/or twitter. Stay tuned for the future meetings of the growing Fluids and Health community.

Founder and organizer of the MIT C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS):

The C.C. Mei Distinguished Speaker Series was founded,  and has been organized in 2015 by Prof. Bourouiba,  in honor of Prof. Chiang C. Mei to provide a vibrant forum for highly distinguished speakers from around the world to share their research with the CEE, MIT, and local Boston community. The DSS's full list of speakers, with recorded talks,  can be found here.

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